Avoid these mistakes in order to maintain the floor

What is the first thing you note at the place you visit for the first time? – If it is the Floor, I have some suggestions that can help you maintain the flooring at your place to get the best first impression of your guests. Floors needs attention! Usually everyone will be very choosy about finalizing the flooring for their home or office at the time of building or remodelling. But later with time when not given proper attention you can see a completely different floor at your place, it is because of the lack of care you give your floors.

Common mistakes people do that destroy the flooring:

Using anything to clean – Each type of flooring needs different attention. Example : Granite floors must be cleaned only with soft cloth, wooden floor should be cleaned using minimal water etc. One must be very careful about the do’s and don’ts of cleaning a particular flooring before starting the process of cleaning.

Waiting to clean the spill – Don’t wait for the spill to get cleaned by itself. Try to clean immediately, the longer the time you take to clean the spills the more damage it can cause to your flooring.

Avoid dusts entering your place  – Use a doormat, ensure that visitors don’t walkin with sandals or shoes inside your place as they can carry the dust from outside.

Not Vacuuming – you need to vacuum your floor at least once in two weeks. Ensure that you move your furnitures and vacuum the entire floor thoroughly.

Don’t let furnitures to rest at the same place for a long time – Keep redecorating your place to make sure that furnitures don’t leave permanent marks at your floor. If you don’t like to change the entire order at least try moving your couch, chairs, tables, bed etc.

Not taking care while placing hard furnitures at floor – Use protected pads while placing weighted furniture on floor. As these furniture with time will slowly damaging the finishing of the floor.

You can also assist the help of a professional to clean and polish your floor on timely basis as they help to maintain your floor and make them look new all the time. Once done the polished granite will be sealed to protect it from stains and damages. Myraksha offers floor polishing and cleaning services in Bangalore, Karnataka.

We have discounts on all floor polishing services till 31st Dec 2017. Granite Polishing price – Rs.18 per sq.ft. **This quotation is only applicable to minimum 1500 sq.ft area**

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