Confused whether to sell or move things? Choose to store them!

The moment when you hear about transfer or the need to shift somewhere to a new place, all that you think about is what and all things needs to be packed and taken along with you. Based upon the need and duration of your stay, somethings might not sound necessary to carry but at the same time you might need it in future, where you will be confused whether to pack or sell them!

Selling some old valuable furnitures gifted from elders or family members is not recommended as it is impossible to find and buy the same quality of things nowadays. But it doesn’t mean that you should carry them wherever you go!

I have a simple and best solution for your problem. Storage units can help you with this issue. When you are moving to a new place for any duration of time, the storage or warehouse companies can help you with safeguarding your goods by providing space and necessary care.

You can opt for storage units for various reasons listed below

  • When you got transfer or relocating to a new place. It is because it takes time to get settled somewhere new and travelling all day with lot of things will only add up to your stress.
  • When you do not find enough space at your place. Sometimes buying new furnitures based upon the current need might leave no space for old furnitures at home. Instead of selling them you can store them and can retain when you find the need.
  • During festivals and other auspicious days frequent relatives and guests visits will be common and you might need some space for arrangements where a storage unit can help you.
  • When you are working on remodelling or painting your home, there might be a need to store furnitures for certain time somewhere, storing them in your friends or relatives place doesn’t sounds good. A temporary storage unit will be the best solution for you to save your goods in this case.
  • Moving to abroad for a month and your vehicle needs to be taken care safely, you can opt for a storage unit as they ensure its safety along with providing insurance for your property.
  • You can also store some important office documents or files related to your personal or office works in storage units which acts as a safe hands and also ensure confidentiality of details.
  • If you run a business and doesn’t own a space to store your products, storage unit will act as a helping hand and will provide you the space and care for your products.

myRaksha provides storage and warehouse facility in Bangalore, Karnataka. We offer vehicle Storage, commercial Storage, office Storage, document Storage, home Storage, warehousing Services, self/Personal Storage, temporary Storage, long Term Storage, furniture Storage.

Benefits of choosing myRaksha storage

We have many years of experience operating in moving and storage industry and we understand nook and corner of this business.

Safe and Secure
Our warehouses are highly secure, we have employed safety check regularly and employed latest technologies to identify potential threats. Our storage facility is highly guarded and is equipped with CCTV Cameras all over.

Flexible options
We understand that every customer is different and their needs are different, we offer long term and short term storage solutions to match your needs.

24/7 support
Our excellent customer service team is available 24/7 to assist you whenever you need us.

You can visit our storage unit at any time and can inspect your goods. We also provides insurance for your good and ensure its safety by providing pest control services on timely basis.

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