Confused with choosing the color to paint your home or office?

Some might even feel like it is an extra expense to hire painters!
Colours have a great impact on the way you would like to present your home or office.
It gives a new look to your surrounding and makes you feel fresh.

If you are so keen on choosing the best color for your mobile theme or nail painting why not for your home or office?
The need for a professional painter is a must to provide a great finishing look!

Does color make a difference in your life?
The answer is a very big yes!!!
Recently I came across an article named “Psychological Properties of Colours”.

It basically explains the properties of color and how they affect our human brain. Interesting right?
Have you ever wondered why Red, Green and Yellow are chosen for traffic light signals?
Orange or some dark colors for most of the hotels?
Blue for bedroom?
Here is your answer.
Red is usually considered as demanding and aggressive which is also easily prone to get quick attention from people. So the traffic light “Red” demands you to stop and wait.
Yellow is known for being friendly as well as considered as a strong color. The wavelength of yellow is relatively long and stimulating comparing to other colors. So it is most commonly used in traffic signals and street lights to guide people.

Green is considered as a color of balance. It provides rest, peace of mind. So when your signal turns green you are free to go ahead.
Orange focuses our minds on issues of physical comfort – food, warmth, shelter etc. It is considered as a fun color. It stimulates you to concentrate on physical and emotional comfort. So when people visit hotels it is said to stimulate their hunger, make them have fun and look for their physical comfort. If you own a hotel with the best service and have also chosen the right color it is obviously a competitive advantage!
Blue is considered as the color of our mind. It stimulates clear thought, calm your mind and provides you with the ability to concentrate. So it is usually suggested for bedrooms to have a peaceful sleep.
As like each color have its own properties, while chosen wrong it can also result in a negative impact.

Not everyone is aware of it. Only trained professionals can guide you in this matter. The benefit will be more than the costs incurred. So don’t hesitate to opt for a professional painting service.
Myraksha provides various painting services like

  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Exterior Texture Painting
  •  Decorative Wall
  • Kids Room
  • Waterproofing

All our professionals undergo training in their respective domains and are background checked.

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