Pest Control

How many of them (pests) are living at your home?

The first thought you get whether it’s a nuclear family or joint family. You count on all your family members. But are you sure that they only exist with you?

The answer is actually no.


Then try answering this question.

Do you know about the cockroaches, rodent, ants and mosquitoes etc.?  That shares your living space.

Here are some places where you can actually find them.

A good sleep is the one thing that helps to keep our mind fresh throughout the day but what if your bed is filled with bugs that are actually waiting for you to turn up to bed. And are you ready to denote your blood to the Mosquitoes!

Apart from them there can be a spider or a cockroach at the bathroom waiting to wish you and ants waiting for you to spill something down.

These are the name of some of the pests’ that we are only aware of but the truth is there are lot more present which may be negligible in size but can be highly dangerous.

Why do need the help of pest control professionals to sort out of this issue while you think you are capable of getting rid of them of your own?

There are various methods that you can try at home by yourself but think, are you aware of eco-friendly measures to get rid of them. Handling chemicals is not a good option it is dangerous to your surrounding as well as your health.

Are you capable of getting rid of them without getting bit or injured?

You may actually not be aware of the things that can result of these pests. You may think they are small in size and won’t cause any harm. But that’s not true. A mosquito bite can lead to death. There is a famous quotation “Size doesn’t matter” It is true in this case.

They need to be treated and handled with care which is only possible by professionals.

myRaksha is a leading provider of professional pest control services to homes and commercial businesses in Bangalore, Karnataka. myRaksha requires all of its personnel to go through a rigorous training and continuously educate on the latest industry technology and treatments to combat with any type of pest control needs.

How many of them (pests) are living at your home?

At myRaksha, our goal is to reduce the conflict between humans and pests by providing services using the approved chemicals in the industry and keep it economical. We have experience solving any type of pest control problems.

Our pest control technician will visit your home, examine areas of infestation and ask few questions to understand the pest problem. After detailed inspection of the premises, the pest control professional will explain and recommend a service for your pest problem. Free inspection is provided.

How It Works?

  • We only used eco-friendly non-toxic chemicals approved by the Government
  • All chemicals used are harmless and non-allergic (children and pets as well), so everyone can stay back at home while the service is performed
  • Free inspection is provided upon which detailed analysis of the infestation and recommended solution is explained to you. 45 Days service warranty is provided on all orders.

Termite Control, Mosquito Control, Rodent Control, Wood Borer Control, Cockroach Control, Bed Bugs Control, Honey Bee Removal, General Pest Control are the pest control services we offer.