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Thinking of Having Dirt-Free Balcony but Wondering Which Is More Effective Between General and Deep Cleaning?

Regular cleaning vs deep cleaning of balcony

Is ‘Regular Cleaning VS Deep Cleaning of Balcony’ confusing for you? Want to gain complete clarity about what is the difference between regular and deep cleaning of a balcony?

In my current blog, I’m addressing all your queries regarding regular vs deep cleaning of balcony. This will help you to make a better choice when it comes to cleanliness and sanitation for your overall healthy lifestyle.

Regular Cleaning VS Deep Cleaning of Balcony: Which One is More Rewarding?

Let me quickly compare all the important aspects with a table below that you must consider before deciding between regular cleaning and deep cleaning of the balcony-


































Short Term


Long Lasting






Let me explain all the points in detail below-

Regular Cleaning VS Deep Cleaning of Balcony: Which is Time Consuming?

Regular cleaning of the balcony consumes less time. It takes around 10-20 minutes.


Deep cleaning of the balcony takes more time than that regular cleaning. It requires 30-90 minutes depending on the size of your balcony.

Process for Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning of Balcony

The process for regular cleaning of balcony is effortless and quick. It includes – mopping and wiping the floor.


The process of a balcony’s deep cleaning needs extra effort. Deep cleaning is usually done by professionals in the cleaning field by following many steps like – mopping, tiles cleaning, cleaning of the grills, cleaning windows and glass surfaces, etc.

While Targeting Microbes During Cleaning of Balcony, Which Process is Better- Regular or Deep Cleaning?

Targeting microbes during regular cleaning is restricted because of the light usage of substances and tools.


Targeting microbes is unrestrained during deep cleaning of balcony. Trained and skilled professionals exactly know how to target various microbes while deep cleaning.


What are the Cleaning Tools for Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning of Balcony?


When it comes to regular cleaning of balcony one uses easily accessible simple tools. Such as – floor wiping sticks, mops, vacuum cleaners, etc.


Whereas, during deep cleaning of balcony, professionals use a variety of fancy tools including electric machines. For example, electronic scrubber machines, grout cleaner,s etc. Such tools are effectively and carefully handled by trained professionals while cleaning.

Regular cleaning VS Deep Cleaning: Which Offers the Best Cleaning Supplies for Balcony?

The supplies available in the market for regular cleaning are limited in verities. Also, these are common supplies that can be used to clean basic things.

There are many types of supplies for deep cleaning of balcony. Such supplies are not easily accessible for most people but professionals in cleaning have made use of those varieties of supplies to provide deep cleaning services.


Which Type of Chemical Substances are Used during Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning of Balcony?

Usually one uses just water to clean the surface area of a balcony while regular cleaning. Also, some may use light chemical substances like soap powder, vinegar dilution, DIY liquids etc.

Deep cleaning includes different types of strong chemical substances for specific things. For example, the chemical substance used for outdoor floor tiles of a balcony is totally different from a substance used while cleaning glass surfaces on the balcony.


What Does Deep Cleaning of Balcony Cover that Regular Cleaning Does not?

Regular cleaning of balcony includes floor tiles cleaning and wiping the dust from windows.

Deep cleaning of balcony includes almost all the things that are present in your balcony. It includes – cleaning grills, removing stains and spots, scrubbing out bird droppings, removing cobwebs, deep cleaning windows etc.


Regular Cleaning VS Deep Cleaning of Balcony: What is the Level of Sanitation?

You can expect a basic level of sanitation after regular cleaning of balcony because it includes cleaning eye-level things at a superficial level.


Whereas, deep cleaning of balcony provides you with an excellent level of sanitation. Trained cleaners clean everything on the balcony which is not at eye level. So, this results in a high level of sanitation.


How Long Does the Effect of Cleaning Last after a Regular and Deep Cleaning of Balcony?


The effect of regular cleaning of balcony lasts for a short period of time. It lasts for about 1-7 days.

The effect of deep cleaning of balcony lasts for a long period of time. You can expect to last it for about 15-30 days. However, it also depends on your location because more polluted areas add dust easily and quickly to your balcony if not maintained regularly even after deep cleaning.


Know About Regular Cleaning Versus Deep Cleaning of Balcony Cost

Regular cleaning of balcony is inexpensive. Here you don’t need to spend a lot of money on substances and tools. You can get simple cleaning equipment at markets at very reasonable prices. So, it hardly costs you 50-100 INR.


Deep cleaning of balcony is expensive because you need professional cleaners for this. So, it usually costs you anywhere between 400-1300 INR. It also depends on the size of the balcony. Some organisations charge hourly. Hourly charges range between 200-500 per hour.


At ‘My Raksha’, we provide a variety of deep cleaning services for homes and offices at reasonable prices. You can view more details about our Cleaning Services.


So, regular cleaning of balcony is limited to removing dust from the surface levels like floor tiles by using simple tools. However, deep cleaning gives more benefits like a high level of sanitation, long-lasting effects with the usage of fancy and strong tools while cleaning. Thus, deep cleaning is undoubtedly a better choice.

I hope my blog has made it easy for you to understand clearly general cleaning versus deep cleaning of balconies. We will be glad to guide you further about deep cleaning. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries.


When Your Balcony is Clean, You Can Sit and Relax Every Day to Enjoy the Green!


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