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Wondering If You Really Need Deep Cleaning of Sofas Over Regular Cleaning?

Regular cleaning vs deep cleaning of sofa

Want to gain complete clarity about regular cleaning vs deep cleaning of sofa? Is there a major difference between these two cleaning options?

In my current blog, I’m addressing the significant question, “What is the difference between regular and deep cleaning of a sofa?” that most people have in their mind.

This helps you to understand when and why you should switch your cleaning options to get better results when it comes to the cleanliness of sofas.

Regular Cleaning VS Deep Cleaning of Sofa: Which One is Better for Your Furniture?

Let me make it easy for you by comparing all the key aspects of regular and deep cleaning of sofa set through a table below-






















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Short Term


Long Lasting






Now let’s understand each point in detail before making your choice-

Regular Cleaning VS Deep Cleaning of Sofa: Which is Time Consuming?

Regular cleaning of sofas consumes less time. It takes around 15-40 minutes to clean each sofa.

Deep cleaning of sofas needs more time. It takes around 2-6 hours. It also depends on the number of sofas and their fabric.

Process for Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning of Sofa

Regular cleaning of sofas has a simple and quick process. It includes – removing dust, and wiping hard surfaces.

Deep cleaning of sofas involves many steps and the process is heavy. It includes – Removing surface debris or particles, cleansing exposed hard materials like wood, identifying the materials and fabrics of sofas, shampooing, wet vacuum cleaning etc.

While Targeting Microbes During Cleaning of Sofa, Which Process is Better- Regular or Deep Cleaning?

Targeting microbes is restricted when it comes to regular cleaning of sofas. Generally, one just tries to remove the surface-level dust during regular cleaning. So, all types of microbes can’t be targeted here.

Targeting microbes is not restricted during the deep cleaning of sofas. Professionals in the cleaning field target almost all types of microbes while proving their cleaning services. They know better how to target bacteria and microbes of sofas.

What are the Cleaning Tools for Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning of Sofa?

One uses simple tools that are easily accessible for most of us during regular cleaning of sofas. For example, a vacuum cleaner.

During the deep cleaning of sofas, trained professionals use fancy tools. Professionals bring such tools with them if you book deep cleaning services for sofas with them. For example, a stiff-bristled brush and a wet vacuum cleaner.


Regular Cleaning VS Deep Cleaning: Which Offers the Best Cleaning Supplies for Sofa?

Regular cleaning offers limited supplies. Most of the time people usually just remove dust from the sofas with a vacuum cleaner rather than using any supplies. If at all one uses supplies they use common supplies that we use for cleaning in general.

During the deep cleaning of sofas, there are many types of supplies. Trained professionals bring different supplies that are needed for sofa cleaning based on the type of sofas at your homes and offices.

Which Type of Chemical Substances are Used during Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning of a Sofa?

During regular cleaning usually, chemical substances are not used. For stain removal, one uses a few drops of water. Also, wipe the wooden edges of sofas with a piece of wet cloth to remove dust. 

Whereas, during deep cleaning of sofas, experts in the cleaning field use strong and branded chemical substances according to the need of the fabric of sofas. For example, shampoos, strain removal spray etc.

What Does Deep Cleaning of Sofa Cover that Regular Cleaning Does not?

Regular cleaning of sofas covers minor things. It includes removing surface level dust from sofas.

Deep cleaning of sofas covers major things. It includes removing heavy dirt cakes built up in sofas, using cleaners to remove dirt from wooden edges, using a water-based detergent with a steam vacuum(if needed for sofa type) etc.

Regular Cleaning VS Deep Cleaning of Sofa: What is the Level of Sanitation?

Regular cleaning of sofas gives you a good level of sanitation. But you can’t expect complete cleanliness here.

Deep cleaning of sofas gives you an excellent level of sanitation. Trained and skilled cleaners completely remove all the dirt step-by-step which results in a high level of sanitation.

How Long Does the Effect of Cleaning Last after a Regular and Deep Cleaning of a Sofa?

The effect of regular cleaning of sofas lasts for a short period of time. It lasts for around 7-15 days. 

The effect of deep cleaning of sofas lasts for a long period of time. If you do it with professional help the effect lasts for 2-3 months.

Know About Regular Cleaning Versus Deep Cleaning of Sofa Set Cost

Regular cleaning of sofas is inexpensive. The cost may range between 50-250 INR depending upon the tools and substances you use. Also, many times people just use drops of water to remove light stains or dirt, in that case, the cost is zero.

Deep cleaning of sofas is more expensive than regular cleaning as it involves professionals. 


At ‘My Raksha’, deep cleaning of sofas costs you 550 INR for 3 sofas. For 4 sofas it costs you 720 INR and for 5 sofas it costs you 900 INR. You can view more details under our Sofa Cleaning Services.

Thus, regular cleaning of sofas is limited to targeting just surface-level dust and light stains. Whereas, deep cleaning of sofas has many benefits like targeting all microbes and removing heavy dirt with cleansers and strong chemicals by experts. So, undoubtedly deep cleaning of sofas is a better option than regular cleaning.

I hope now you have gained complete clarity about general cleaning versus deep cleaning of sofas. We are here to help you get cleaned your sofa set with our professional cleaning services

When Sofas are Clean, You Can Happily Lean!


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