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Thinking of Having a Clean Water Tank but Wondering About the Differences Between Regular and Deep Cleaning?

Regular cleaning vs deep cleaning of water tank

Is it really necessary for you to choose ‘deep cleaning’ over ‘regular cleaning’ to have clean and disinfected water tanks? Are you confused about regular cleaning vs deep cleaning of water tank?

In my current blog, I’m explaining in detail about what is the difference between regular and deep cleaning of tanks by considering major points. This helps you to maintain a better level of sanitation and hygiene by making the right choice for water tank cleaning.

Regular Cleaning VS Deep Cleaning of Water Tank: Which is More Effective?

I’ve made it very easy for you to compare all the major factors of general and deep cleaning of water tanks by adding a table below-


































Short Term


Long Lasting






Let me elaborate on every point to help you gain more clarity about both the cleaning options-

Regular Cleaning VS Deep Cleaning of Water Tank: Which is Time Consuming?

Regular cleaning of water tank consumes less time. It takes around 20-30 minutes to clean.

Deep cleaning of water tank needs more time. It takes 1-3 hours to clean. However, it also depends on the size of your water tank.

Process for Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning of Water Tank

The process for regular cleaning of water tank is simple as it involves a few steps. It includes – dewatering, scrubbing and washing.

The process for deep cleaning of water tanks involves many steps. Professionals follow significant steps here that have been developed through research are – Dewatering, sludge removal, scrubbing, water jet cleaning

vacuum cleaning, targeting bacteria, UV treatment, etc.

While Targeting Microbes During Cleaning of Water Tanks, Which Process is Better- Regular or Deep Cleaning?

Targeting microbes during regular cleaning is restricted because of not having access to the right type of substances. Also, regular cleaning is just about cleaning the tank at a superficial level. So, you can’t expect to get rid of all the microbes just after regular cleaning of water tanks.

Targeting microbes during deep cleaning is not restricted. Usually, deep cleaning is done with professional cleaners. So, they are very aware of targeting all microbes while deep cleaning the water tanks. Such professionals also use a spray to destroy all bacteria.


What are the Cleaning Tools for Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning of Water Tanks?

Cleaning tools are very limited when it comes to regular cleaning of water tanks. It includes – a normal scrubber, wiping stick, etc.

There are unlimited and fancy tools when it comes to deep cleaning of water tanks. Professionals use electrical and many automated tools while deep cleaning the tanks. For example- Sludge pumping equipment, special dewatering equipment, high-pressure water jet cleaner, etc.

Regular cleaning VS Deep Cleaning: Which offers the best cleaning supplies for Water Tank?

You can find light and limited types of supplies for regular cleaning of water tanks. Such supplies clean the dust and dirt at the surface level of water tanks without targeting deep cleaning.

There are unlimited types of supplies for deep cleaning of water tanks. Trained professionals bring all the needed supplies based on the type of your tank. 

Which Type of Chemical Substances are Used during Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning of a Water Tank?

Chemical substances used for regular cleaning of tanks are light and available easily for you. For example, bleaching powder, soap powder etc.

Chemical substances used for deep cleaning are very strong and effective. Experts in the cleaning field use the right type of chemical substances in the right quantity. Trained professionals use such strong chemicals with utmost care.

At ‘My Rakha’ along with chemical substances we also offer herbal substances for cleaning water tanks. View more details under our Water Tank Cleaning Services.

What Does Deep Cleaning of Water Tank Cover that Regular Cleaning Does not?

Regular cleaning of water tanks includes minor things. It includes cleaning the surface inside the water tanks.

Deep cleaning of water tanks includes more things. It includes – cleaning surroundings, antibacterial spray on the walls and ceiling of the water tanks and disinfecting all the remaining bacteria by using a UV Radiator. 


Regular Cleaning VS Deep Cleaning of Water Tank: What is the Level of Sanitation?

You can expect a good level of sanitation after regular cleaning of water tanks.

After deep cleaning of water tanks, you can experience excellent sanitation. Professionals disinfect every corner, edge and ceiling of water tank so well. Thus, this results in a high level of sanitation.


How Long Does the Effect of Cleaning Lasts after a Regular and Deep Cleaning of a Water Tank?

The effect of regular cleaning lasts for a short period of time. It generally lasts for 15-30 days depending upon the maintenance level.

The effect of deep cleaning of tanks lasts for a longer time. It lasts for 3-6 months. Well, WHO recommends cleaning water tanks once every 3 months for a healthy lifestyle. 


Know About Regular Cleaning Versus Deep Cleaning of Water Tank Cost

Regular cleaning is inexpensive as you don’t use any heavy equipment and substance here. Generally, it costs you anywhere between 50-250 INR.

Deep cleaning of water tanks is more expensive than regular cleaning. The cost also depends on the type and size of water tank that you are having.


At ‘My Raksha’, deep cleaning of water tank price range starts from 499 INR for syntax cleaning. For sump cleaning the cost begins from 1000 INR and for overhead cement tanks the price range is between 1499-2499 INR. 


Thus, regular cleaning covers limited things with fewer simple tools while cleaning tanks. Whereas, deep cleaning of water tanks offers step-by-step cleaning by trained professionals. So, deep cleaning is much better than regular cleaning in all ways.

I hope now you have understood all the aspects of general cleaning versus deep cleaning of water tanks. We will be glad to help you to have a clean water tank to enhance your healthy lifestyle with our services.

Having A Clean Water Tank Helps You Improving Your Health Rank!


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