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    Termite Control

    Looking for cost effective termite control services in bangalore with top notch quality backed with minimum guarantee period? myRaksha is a leader in pest control services and has been helping hundreds of businesses and residential customers in bengaluru from pests.

    Anti Termite Treatment & Control in Bangalore, Karnataka

    Termites / Deemak can cause severe destruction they cause to furniture and wooden structures. myRaksha has conducted extensive R&D and has access to latest advancements in pest control industry, thanks to our Industry Associations. We have developed an Integrated Anti Termite Treatment to suit your specific needs.

    Why do you need Anti Termite Treatment?

    • Termites can create the damage very fast and is one of the most dangerous pets
    • One termite colony may consist of millions of foragers
    • Termites can even chew and damage concrete
    • Queen termite may have a life span of 15 to 20 years or even more
    • Queen termite can lay eggs in every 15-20 seconds
    • Guaranteed results, free service in case of re-infestation
    • Government approved chemicals

    How It Works?

    myRaksha’s expert pest control technicians use thermal detection to locate termites in woodwork, bricks or masonry and make sure not to cause any damage to the structure. We use the latest advancement in pest control industry to treat the infestation to control all the termites. Our team will provide basic clean up once the service is completed. We also offer pre-construction and post-construction service against sub-terrain termites.

    What do you get?

    • Pre-construction – 10 years warranty – from the date of treatment
    • Post Construction – 1 year contract with initial treatment and periodical checkups
    • Discount prices available for 2 year contract

    myRaksha has developed effective Integrated Termite Control solution to suit Indian conditions which will address your termite control needs.

    Areas Served in Bangalore

    Effective Anti Termite Control

    We assure you that you will be satisfied with our ever reliable services, if not a remedy or refund.