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    Rodent Control Bangalore

    Rodents are capable of causing dangerous health issues. Rodents usually prefer to stay away from human sight, so they usually hide themselves during the daytime. Rodents come out during the night, securing themselves in their borrows well beneath the ground throughout the day.

    Rodent, Mice, Rat Control in Bangalore, Karnataka

    One of the most dangerous pests at home is Rodents. Rodents can not only carry deadliest diseases and contaminating food in the kitchen, they can also damage electronics, household appliances, electric wiring etc.

    Rodents usually come looking for leftover food items in your home or office. Rodent squeeze into your home through even a very small hole. The teeth and jaws of rodents are so strong that they cause damage to electrical wires, insulation, food materials, personal belongings or important office document. Rodents not only cause damage to things, rodents also affect our personal hygiene leading to severe health problems through food contamination.
    Rodents are so intelligent that only a few rats get caught in traps and baits, which we keep on our home to catch them. The remaining rats quickly learn to stay away from those traps. Rodent control thus becomes a serious problem and requires the attention of professionals to get rid of them.
    Myraksha offers anti-rodent treatment with eco-friendly measures in effective cost.


    Why choose our rodent control service?

    • We offer complete eco-friendly solution
    • We use 100% non-toxic products which are not harmful to humans and pets

    How it works?

    Our expert technicians inspect the affected areas and use eco-friendly and effective rodent control products to help you get rid of the rats, mice, and rodents.

    What you get?

    myRaksha offers Annual Contract which includes regular check-ups and monitoring visits for Row Houses, Flats, Bungalows.

    myRaksha’s Rodent Control works very efficiently using the effective products which work in line with International Food Safety Standards.

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