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    Honey Bee Control

    Bees are very important part of nature and there are times when they may pose threat to you. Bees create hives in shed, tree and bushes.

    Honey Bee Removal in Bangalore, KA

    Bee stings are deadly to people. It’s dangerous to ignore the presence of beehive especially when there are infants, old people and pets at home. It is recommended to assist a professional to help you remove beehives from your place.

    myRaksha provides beehive removal or honey bee removal services in Bangalore, Karnataka.

    How it works?

    • Our trained beehive removers will smoothly remove the beehives by employing the use of chemicals.
    • The chemicals used are government approved and completely nontoxic for humans

    Eco-friendly Bee Control

    We assure you that you will be satisfied with our ever reliable services, if not a remedy or refund.