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    From tough granite to soft limestone, we are able to clean, polish, remove stains

    Tiles Cleaning and Polishing Bangalore

    Mopping the tiles daily will never give complete solution to your problem. Tiles needs cleaning and polishing on regular basis in order to look new all the time! And wall tiles and floor tiles need different attention as they vary in their characteristics.

    Tiles Cleaning and Polishing Bangalore

    Everyone choose tiles flooring as it adds a luxurious look, mirror-like finishing to our home or office and also looks elegant at the same time. It’s hard to find a home, office, or apartment without tiles nowadays.

    There are two types of tiles generally used at any place

    • Wall tiles – Usually used on kitchen and bathroom walls.
    • Floor tiles – Tiles used for flooring.

    Both tiles are made of different component based on their usage purpose.


    A lot of efforts are taken during the time of selecting tiles to make sure it suit perfect to the color of your home or office. But with time when tiles are not given necessary care and maintained properly, the color of the tiles start fading and looks different from the original one thereby changing the look of your home or office. Dust particles will start accumulating on the gaps of these tiles which spread infections.

    It is suggested to assist a professional tiles cleaning and polishing service provider as only they know how to handle different tiles with care and also will retain the color of the tiles back to original. Myraksha is a leading tiles cleaning and polishing service provider in Bangalore, Karnataka. Booking your house cleaning with myRaksha is simple. All you have to do is tell us a little about your house, share your contact information, enter payment info, and schedule your cleaning time.

    Your cleaner will even bring all of the necessary cleaning supplies for the job. myRaksha also makes rescheduling or canceling your cleaning service convenient via the myRaksha website. Finally, one of the greatest benefits of using myRaksha is that all of the cleaners on our platform have received extensive background checks, so you can feel secure while they take care of your home, leaving you to enjoy the finer things in life!

    Tiles Cleaning and Polishing Price



    Tiles Cleaning and Polishing



    Removing stains and complete general cleaning



    Rs.6.00 per square foot (Minimum-800 square feet onwards)

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