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    Bathroom Cleaning Bangalore

    We highly recommend that you sign up for our bathroom cleaning services once in every few months, it is a good idea to get your bathroom cleaned by professional cleaning company as they can thoroughly peform sanitising clean for your bathroom / washroom.

    Bathroom cleaning service includes

    • Cleaning, sanitizing and buffing of the wash basin, tub, shower area and taps.
    • Deep cleaning of Bathroom Floor and wall tiles
    • Cleaning of mirrors, windows and exhaust fan.
    • Toilet to be de-scaled, and brushed clean. Seat to be cleaned.
    • Cobwebs removal
    • Stain removal using acid wash and scrubbing.
    • Eco – Friendly Chemical used for cleaning

    Bathroom Cleaning in Bangalore, Karnataka

    We offer speacialized services like acid wash, drain deodorisation, de-scaling etc.

    Our professional will inspect your bathroom and provide you with a right quote depending your needs. We highly recommend you to clearly explain your requirements to our technicians to avoid any misunderstanding later.

    At myRaksha we are strict with the types products / bathroom chemicals we employ for our professional cleaning services, we use only approved and hight quality chemicals which do not have side effects and will lasting results. Our trained bathroom cleaners will peform cleaning is in an organised manner, step by step, starting with the clearing of all mats, products, toiletries and any movable items from the bathroom, leaving a clear workspace.

    Bathroom cleaning is normally done in a top to bottom manner, starting by dusting off the walls, removing cobwebs, cleaning light fixtures and the tops of the the water geyser etc.

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    Specialised chemicals will be employed to clean different surfaces, for example stone like marble and granite, metal taps and fittings, bathroom wall and floor tile and the WC. It is necessary to use the appropriate chemical for different surfaces to make sure that your bathroom is not damaged, for example, using acid on marble can ruin its polish and leave permanent marks on the stone.

    After cleaning the surfaces, the bathroom cleaners with also clean the grout between tiles and if needed can steam clean all the bathroom surfaces for complete sanitisation.

    At last, surfaces will be wiped down, will clean mirrors and any surfaces that require a polish may be buffed and shined with the appropriate chemical leaving your bathroom clean and looking like new!

    myRaksha is a preferred choice for bathroom cleaning in bangalore homeowners today.

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