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    Office Pest Control Services in Bangalore

    Every office needs to opt for a professional pest control services at regular intervals in order to have a pests free working environment. Pests at office cause you embarrassment in front of clients, dealers, customers etc.

    Office Pest Control in Bangalore, Karnataka

    They also cause damage to the important files, documents, cables, wires, pipes and also contaminate the food at cafeteria and canteen. They result in the huge loss when neglected.

    The pests that are usually found on office premises are

    Rodents – with powerful jaws and teeth, the rats cause severe damage to files, documents, wires, etc.
    Mosquitoes – Mosquitoes are found everywhere and they spread deadly diseases through their bites which make your employees fall sick.
    Wood borers – Wood borers are wood damaging insects that cause damage to the wooden desk and furniture in your office
    Flies – Flies contaminate food items and spread diseases.
    Cockroaches – Cockroaches are usually found in washrooms and other dark places on office premises that spread diseases through their droppings.

    Bed bugs – Bed Bugs suck human blood to feed themselves and cause skin diseases like rashes, allergies, etc. They can be found in the office sofas, chairs, book linens, etc.


    Places where you can find pests at your office :

    • In the kitchen area
    • Under the drawer
    • Under the cabins desks
    • In washroom
    • In the corner
    • On plants

    Myraksha offers professional pest control services in Bangalore, Karnataka. You can opt for a Single Service or an Annual package. We also provide custom pest control services based on your office needs.

    Commercial Pest Control Service

    Commercial units and warehouses need regular pest control check as they play the major role in your daily business activities. Pests are capable of causing damages to the goods and products stored on the commercial storage units and warehouses that may result in the loss. It is recommended to opt for a professional pest control services to get rid of the pests. Myraksha offers professional commercial pest control services in Bangalore, Karnataka.

    Industrial Pest Control Service

    Industrial areas need regular pest control check as the pests can cause damage to the materials and machinery at the industries. They are also capable of spreading diseases to the manpower by contaminating the environment and food. Industrial waste and hazardous are usually disposed of in the surroundings outside the industrial premises that give space for pests to enter and spread. Opting for a professional pest control services to get rid of pests both inside and outside industrial unit can help on this issue. Myraksha provides professional industrial pest control services in Bangalore, Karnataka.

    Corporate Pest Control Service

    Corporate companies need to opt for regular professional pest control services in order to maintain the hygiene of the workplace. Corporates usually have a big workspace that makes the presence of pests negligible. But the presence of pests at cafeteria, canteens, washrooms etc. are dangerous to the health of the people working there which needs attention. Myraksha provides professional corporate pest control services in Bangalore, Karnataka.

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