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    We use high-pressure steam cleaning to scour both carpets,tile

    Carpet Cleaning Services

    A carpet is a most commonly used item in a house, that too usually placed in a most frequently used places like a living room, bedroom etc. The usage of carpet is likely to be more than the attention given to it, which leads to the ignorance of dust particles being present on them.

    Carpet cleaning service includes

    • We shampoo your carpet with chemical foam to remove the finest particles of grime.
    • Dry Vacuuming carpet fabric
    • Light Scrubbing
    • Wet Vacuuming to remove wetness

    Carpet Cleaning in Bangalore, Karnataka

     The carpet if not given necessary care and cleaned regularly will lead to the buildup of allergens, dust mites and will be hard to remove stains as well.

    In a study, it is stated that about 1,00,000 dust mites can be found in 1 square meter of carpet and it has affected about 18-30% of people.

    myRaksha provides the best carpet cleaning services in Bangalore with our trained and qualified professionals. Our team knows the best steamed and dry carpet cleaning methods to get all kind of stains out of your carpet – all for an affordable and cheap price. Our professionals are properly trained, know how to do the job right and will take every precaution to ensuring that your carpets are cleaned well and using the right standards. See what our team of certified local carpet cleaners can do for you and how your carpets can be the same color and smell they once were. All it takes is some myRaksha magic!


    About the Carpet Cleaning

    • myRaksha’s cleaners will first vacuum and pre-treat the carpet (paying close attention to any stains).
    • Then they will steam clean the carpet once again paying close attention to any dirt or stains that they come across.
    • After that, allow up to 12 hours for the carpet to dry and you will be left with a blemish-free carpet.
    • The perfect finishing touch to any cleaning!

    Carpet Cleaning FAQ's

    What method is used for the carpet cleaning?

    At myRaksha, our professional carpet cleaners use the steam cleaning method. Also referred to as hot water extraction, this method is the most effective way to remove even the most stubborn dirt from your carpets

    Do I need to vacuum beforehand?

    No need! Our professionals will take care of that for you as the first step of the cleaning.

    Will myRaksha move my furniture?

    If you need furniture moving to successfully complete the carpet cleaning please include this information when booking the appointment. However, if our carpet cleaning pro is working alone they may not be able to move large items like beds or couches.

    How long will it take to dry and when can you walk on it?

    The time your carpet will take to dry will vary based on the airflow, humidity, and temperature of the room. It can take up to 12 hours to fully dry. When walking on the freshly cleaned carpet we suggest wearing socks to avoid getting the carpet dirty.

    Is the carpet cleaning pet safe?

    Yes, we love pets! As such, we use the least toxic, most pet-friendly cleaning chemicals around.

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