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    Get your home in order with our expert cleaning services

    Kitchen Cleaning Bangalore

    A clean workplace is all you need to work peacefully and efficiently. As much as attention your work desk gets in office, at home your kitchen needs your care.

    Kitchen Cleaning Bangalore

    • For all the homemaker’s kitchen will be their workplace to say.
    • A study shows that Indians spend an average of 13.2 hours per week cooking.
    • Kitchen needs more care than you think.
    • The hygiene of the kitchen decides the hygiene of the food you intake.
    • Cleaning kitchen all by yourself is not an easy task and using chemicals may even be harmful to your health.
    • Let’s take care of your mess and provide you with a healthy workplace.

    myRaksha professionals offer you a thorough deep cleaning service for your home kitchen that includes:

    • Cleaning all cabinets
    • Cleaning of appliances from outside
    • Scouring your sink, cleaning of chimney and gas, cleaning of counter area
    • Mopping your floor and removing dirt in between tiles
    • Cleaning of lighting fixtures

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