<3000 L (Rs. 1000)3000-6000 (Rs. 1500)6000-10000 (Rs. 1999)

    Overhead cement tank:

    <3000 L (Rs. 1499)3000-6000 (Rs. 1999)6000-10000 (Rs. 2499)


    <1000 L (Rs. 499)2000 L (Rs. 699)3000 L(Rs. 799)5000 L(Rs. 899)

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    Water Tank Cleaning Bangalore

    In Order to stay healthy, you need hygienic intake i.e clean food and water. For clean water, all you need is to keep your tank clean. The water quality in household water tanks is normally contaminated by some form of biological contamination and chemical usage in almost everything doesn’t help the cause.

    Water Tank Cleaning


    6 stage tank cleaning process has been developed through research


    Sump & overhead tank will be cleaned by automated & approved methods


    Cleaning includes mechanized dewatering, sludge removal, high pressure, vacuum cleaning, anti-bacterial spray, Ultra Violet radiation & surface cleaning

    Water Tank & Sump Cleaning in Bangalore, Karnataka

    Birds and pests and other animals work, decaying animal carcasses, dust, corroded metals, and leaves can easily find their way into the water tank.

    Unhealthy water intake can cause Waterborne Diseases. Waterborne diseases are caused by drinking contaminated or dirty water. Contaminated water can cause diarrheal diseases, including Cholera, Typhoid, and other serious illnesses, etc. A study shows that water-related diseases cause 3.4 million deaths each year.

    Are you tired of following up with local cleaners who don’t turn up at given time? Look nowhere else, myRaksha offers ultimate water tank cleaning services for you in Bangalore, Karnataka. We offer full service & maintenance packages for all types of storage water tanks, sumps including Consultation on preventative maintenance & repairs, heavy or light duty cleaning, and sterilization.


    We have expertise., experience and trained professionals to handle any type of water storage tank cleanings requests.

    • Full mechanical cleaning of water storage tanks
    • Complete disinfection of water storage tanks
    • Type of tanks to be cleaned (RCC, tiled ,sintex… ect)

    We provide Water Tank Cleaning & Maintenance Service for –

    Residential Apartment buildings
    Schools, Colleges & Hospitals
    Residential Care Facilities & Nursing Homes
    Hotels, Restaurants & Bars
    Public & Private Swimming Pools and Gyms
    Shopping Centers, Sport facilities and Golf Courses
    Offices & Industrial Premises
    Agricultural & Horticultural Sectors

    At myRaskha we understand how important a clean water tank is to live health life and we work hard to ensure you obtain the best services and woo you with our excellent customer support.

    There are many benefits of choosing myRaksha service, some of them are mentioned below:

    Minimal water wastage during tank cleaning
    Statutory standards to deliver bacteria free, odor free, fungus free and virus free clear tanks
    We use only approved chemicals at right quantity (we have herbal options as well)
    High standard of service and we respect your time

    Cleaning of Surroundings
    Sludge Removal
    water Jet Cleaning
    Vacuum Cleaning
    UV treatment

    We recommend house hold customers to avail our Water Tank and Sump Cleaning Services once in 3 months, we offer discounts for Annual Maintenance Contracts.

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