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    Worried about Sofa Cleaning after weekend party!

    Sofa Cleaning

    Cleaning a sofa is relatively not an easy job, it reluctantly involves heavy work and time-consuming and moreover it’s a tiring job. Myraksha professional understand you and make the job easy for you by providing you with the best sofa cleaning services at an affordable price.

    Sofa Cleaning in Bangalore, Karnataka

    The sofa is the first thing where you like to rest right after reaching home or make your guest sit once they come to your home to make them feel relaxed. But when it is left uncleaned for a long time or not given the necessary attention, within some period of time it will start to fade away in looks along with the dust settling in it causing allergic reactions like sneezing, eye-watering etc. The place in which you would like to rest may turn into a disaster. Especially when you have pets, children and the diseased person at home it is mandatory to ensure its cleanliness and hygiene.

    Unlike other concern we don’t send any agents we send our own skilled and trained employees, our employees are our asset .we use the latest method and modern instrument in sofa cleaning to make it look new as well as dust free.

    • Dusting with Vacuum Cleaner
    • Shampooing with Branded Chemicals
    • Wet vacuum Cleaning

    Why you Need this:

    Pets, children, dust and just life, in general, will take the luster out of your Sofa.
    Don’t spend thousands on buying new, take advantage of this amazing offer and have your Sofa look like new for a fraction of the cost!

    It is an unavoidable fact of life that sofas get dirty. Chip crumbs find their ways into the cracks, children spill the food all over, drinks get spilled, pet track mud all over the surface, kids jump up and down making it untidy.

    Cleaning a sofa is relatively not an easy job , it reluctantly involves heavy work and time consuming and moreover it’s a tiring job ,we make your job easier myraksha is a leading service providing concern who excel in their service in the city of bangalore.

    Unlike other concern we don’t send any agents we send our own skilled and trained employees, our employees are our asset .we use latest method and modern instrument in sofa cleaning

    Sofas come in different style and variety , moreover the basic cleaning tips remain similar for all types of sofa.

    Basic steps involved in sofa cleaning


    Before getting into deep cleaning we would remove any surface debris or particles from the surface of the sofa we would use an full sized vacuum cleaner with the hose attached to it to clean the sofa and a long narrow attachment to get into the crevices and finally we vacuum the base of the sofa .A stiff bristled brush is used in cases if there is an heavy dust or dirt caked in


    Next step is wiping down of any exposed hard surfaces that is wood or the other materials using a cleanser


    Final step is cleaning the sofa based on the material our staffs use the cleansers without causing any damage to your sofa, we only use branded products for sofa cleansing some of the products used by us are eureka forbes, bayer, diversey.


    Determining the sofa fabric – every sofa has a tag that tells what the sofa cover is made of , this tags usually have instructions relating to the cleaning products that should be used on the fabric,

    – “W” means to use a water-based detergent with a steam vacuum
    – “WS” means you can use either a water-based detergent with a steam vacuum or a dry-cleaning detergent.
    – “S” means to use only a dry-cleaning detergent
    – “O” means the material is organic, and should be washed using cold water.
    – “X” means either bristle-brush or vacuum or use a professional sofa cleaning service


    Sofa cleaning service includes

    • Dry Vacuum to extract loose dust
    • Sofa shampooing
    • Light Scrubbing
    • Cleaning using water-based cleaners to remove dirt-marks.
    • Wet Vacuuming to remove wetness


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