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    Safeguard your costly furniture today

    Woodborer Treatment

    Majority of the furniture in Indian households are made of wood or part of them consist of wood. Woodborer can cause irreparable damage to your costly wooden furniture. myRaksha effective woodborer treatment can prevent such damages in future.

    Woodborer Treatment & Control in Bangalore, KA

    Why do you need Wood borer treatment?

    • Prevention is better than cure, you can avoid irreparable damage to your furniture
    • Woodborers can cause severe infestations which can lead to deterioration of wooden beams or the replacement of the whole furniture and flooring
    • myRaksha can identify and locate the infestation looking at the debris created by woodborer
    • We then proceed to treat it with appropriate means Pre-treatment of wood to prevent future infestations


    • We use a chemical injection to treat the effected area to remove the underlying wood-borers / pests.
    • Woodborer can cause severe structural and cosmetic damage to your furniture and our specialized treatment can safeguard against such infestations in future.
    • myRaksha provides Annual Management service which includes 4 services in a year with regular checkup.

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    We assure you that you will be satisfied with our ever reliable services, if not a remedy or refund.