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    Office Cleaning Services

    The office needs regular cleaning and proper maintenance. A clean front office and washrooms are the foremost need of any office as they help to create a better impression of clients, dealers and guests.

    Office Cleaning in Bangalore, Karnataka

    Don’t give space for germs, dust and pests to enter your premises as they not only gain the bad impression of your prospective customers but also affect the hygiene of your workplace.It’s your duty to give your employees a healthy workspace.

    Services included in office cleaning:

    In general, the office cleaning services include

    • Mopping floors
    • Dusting and disinfecting of workstations
    • Cleaning of switches, switchboards and cabins
    • Vacuuming and scrubbing the floors
    • Windows and ceilings cleaning
    • Restroom cleaning and
    • Trash removal Customized services plan according to office needs will also develop and offered.

    Commercial Cleaning

    Warehouses and commercial units need professional cleaning as they play a major role in your business activities. Mopping alone will not help to get rid of pests and dust, a professional cleaning and maintenance are required on the regular interval. Myraksha offers professional commercial cleaning in Bangalore, Karnataka.


    Industrial Cleaning

    The cleaning industry is a very difficult task as they involve cleaning around heavy machinery, paints, fiberglasses, metal shavings etc. which involves high risk. Hiring a professional cleaners for industrial cleaning is best, as they have hands-on experience and will handle everything with care. Myraksha offers professional industrial cleaning services in Bangalore, Karnataka.

    Corporate Cleaning

    High building means the need for high care. Working on heights needs professional services help as only they will have enough experience and equipment to work safely. Right from floors to ceilings to window doors, everything needs different attention in a corporate workplace. Even a small space when neglected give space for dust and pests to enter your office and spread quickly affecting the overall hygiene. Myraksha provides professional corporate cleaning in Bangalore, Karnataka.

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