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Office cleaning

Office needs regular cleaning and proper maintenance. A clean front office and washrooms is the foremost need of any office as they help to create a better impression of clients, dealers and guests. Don’t give space for germs, dusts and pests to enter your premises as they not only gain bad impression of your prospective customers but also affect the hygiene of your workplace. It’s your duty to give your employees a healthy workspace.

Tips for keeping your office clean

Regularly cleaning :

  • Computers, desks, telephone keypads, windows at office needs to dusted on regular basis.
  • Monitors, screens and displays must be wiped with soft cloth everyday.
  • The floors must be mopped daily.
  • Avoid having dinner at the desk.
  • Provide your employees with proper cleaning equipments to make their task easy.
  • Provide things like washing up liquid, hand soap and toilet brushes etc. at your office.

Clearing the bin :

Have dustbins in most commonly used places at office like washrooms, office desks, front office, cafeteria. Make sure you empty them regularly in order to avoid bad smell or overflowing.

Keep things arranged :

  • Make sure that the files and documents at office are piled and arranged.
  • Keep things arranged neat on your desk. Have a pen holder, paper weight and keep stationeries at drawer locker.
  • Don’t leave paper waste on desk or printer, have a seperate place to store them.

Professional cleaning and pest control :

Opt for professional pest control and cleaning services once in a while to ensure that your office is free of pests, clean and a healthy space for your employees to work. Only a professional can reach heights and work safely as they have handful of experience and will also have necessary equipments that help to finish the work on time.

Myraksha offers professional office cleaning and pest control services in Bangalore, Karnataka. The various services offered are

  1. Commercial office cleaning and pest control services
  2. Industrial cleaning and pest control services
  3. Corporate office cleaning and pest control services

Customized services plan according to office needs will also developed and offered.

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